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Quills Fest VR World

  • Multimedia
Quills Fest VR World is an ever-evolving playground and exhibition space for Quills Fest projects current and in the future.
  • Cyril Tsiboulski
  • Illya Szilak
  • Paolo Barlascini
  • Emmy Yupa
  • Justin Hicks
  • Selly Raby Kane

The creation of the Quills Fest VR World was led by OSF Creative Technologists-in-Residence, Cyril Tsiboulski & Illya Szilak. Designed by architect Paolo Barlascini, the Quills Fest VR World is a playful and surreal take on OSF’s iconic Elizabethan stage, inspired by the original Shakespearean dramaturgy of the Elizabethan theatre as a radically welcoming space where the public gathered to have shared theatrical experiences. Emmy Yupa led the development of the Virtual Reality world in Unreal, manifesting an environment that is richly interactive, celebrates curiosity, and is full of “easter eggs”!

The Quills Fest VR World features Avatar Design by Selly Raby Kane, a renowned Sengalese fashion designer and artist pioneering Africa’s booming art and design movement in collaboration with Avatar Modeler Dulce Baerga, and original music by Justin Hicks, a groundbreaking multidisciplinary artist, composer, and vocalist, in collaboration with Sound Designer and Mixing Engineer Sean Davis.

Quills Fest VR World will serve as an ever-evolving playground and exhibition space for Quills Fest projects current and in the future.

I wanted to recreate some moments I had in the summer watching people playfully interact in public as they anticipate or decompress in outdoor festival spaces.  I imagined this open-air theater as a mellotron-inspired instrument or music box activated by presence in ways that range from passive to rhythmic to playfully direct. 

– Justin Hicks, Composer



Cyril Tsiboulski & Illya Szilak
Lead Artists and OSF Creative Technologists-in Residence

Paolo Barlascini, Architect and World Designer
Emmy Yupa, Lead Unreal Engine Developer
Claire Talbott, 3D Modeling Assistant
Alvaro Sierra, Developer
Allen Yee, Producer

Justin Hicks, Composer
Sean Davis, Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer
Selly Raby Kane, Avatar Designer and Artist
Dulce Baerga, 3D Artist and Avatar Modeler


Sandman Studios, Production Company
Mudi Zhou, Producer
Bingbing Wang, Production Manager
Wei Wang, Creative Technologist
Xin Yu, Developer leader
Shuo Huang, Weichen Liu, Developer
Zhuolin Li, Engine Artist
Ke Wang, Technical Coordinator
Shanshan Wang, 3D Artist
Feifei Luo, 2D Artist

Project Images


Cyril Tsiboulski

Cyril Tsiboulski is co-founder and creative director at Cloudred, a digital design practice that is both an independent content-producing creative studio and a service-based agency with global clientele across corporate, government, civic and cultural domains. He is also a faculty member at New York University where he teaches in the Digital Communications and Media Program.

Illya Szilak

Dr. Illya Szilak is a writer, director, interactive story-teller and transdisciplinary artist. Shaped by her experience as a physician, her artistic practice explores mortality, embodiment, identity and belief in a media inundated by an increasingly virtual world. Her long-time creative partner is Cyril Tsiboulski. They are the recipients of grants from The Sundance Institute, The Tribeca Film Institute and the Jerome Foundation and were awarded a Peabody Futures of Media award for their VR experience Queerskins: a love story.