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Iago: The Green Eyed Monster

  • Augmented Reality
Iago: The Green Eyed Monster is an original ~ 4 minute high-energy musical prequel to a futuristic take on Shakespeare’s Othello that explores the psychology and origin story of the notorious villain Iago reimagined as a woman.
  • Josh Nelson Youssef
  • Mary Chieffo

Reviewing holographic memories, Iago muses on her schemes to the beat of an original rock song incorporating some of Shakespeare’s original words into the lyrics. As her song crescendos, Iago is consumed by her jealousy, literally becoming “the green eyed monster” destroying everyone and everything in her path to vengeance.

Iago: The Green Eyed Monster takes the classic story of Othello and turns it on its head, the action taking place before any of the scenes seen in Shakespeare’s text. It is an empathetic and energized re-imagining of the infamous “villain” Iago, a woman maligned, seeking an understandable revenge on the men who took her for granted.

We witness the tragic descent of the once genuinely “honest Iago”—a hardworking modern female soldier putting in years of disregarded service—allowing herself to be consumed with deep-seated jealousy and rage, turning her into the green eyed monster of toxic masculinity she has experienced in the male-dominated world she has chosen to be a part of.

We all have the potential to become the monsters we fear, and this piece serves as a cautionary tale but even more so, an emotional catharsis for all those who have wished ill on their inconsiderate perpetrators. What does it feel like to work tremendously hard but never receive the accolades and rewards you feel you deserve?

PUBLISHER Juvee Productions, 3Dar, Verizon
PRODUCED BY Juvee Productions, 3Dar, Verizon
MUSICAL AR EXPERIENCE BY Mary Chieffo, Josh Nelson Youssef
DIRECTOR Josh Nelson Youssef, Camila Marturano, Julian Dorado
PROJECT CREATOR Mary Chieffo, Josh Nelson Youssef, Camila Marturano, Julian Dorado, Kush Mody
KEY COLLABORATOR 3Dar, Camila Marturano, Julian Durado, Kush Mody
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (MAIN CREDIT) Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, Marco Lococo, German Heller, Erin McPherson, Kris Soumas, Chase Levi
PRODUCER Mary Chieffo, Kaylon Hunt, Josh Nelson Youssef, Lucia Rivera Lopez, Greg Wu
LINE PRODUCER Steven Paul Andrew Maertens
ANIMATORS Andres Castro, Denisse Menta, Felipe San Martin, Aylen Angio
LEAD 3D Nadia De La Cruz, Amanda Sepulvida
DEVELOPERS Lucho Perez Badon, Pablo Altamiranda, Lucas Zinovoy
ART DIRECTOR Daniela Perez Mitolo
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Abril Mata, Rico Turrubiarte, Rhylee Anderson
3D Nahuel Lema, Fernando Balmaceda, Andre Bringas Zaferson, Aylen Angio, Nicolas Guastella, Nicolas Espeche, Yasmin Islas, Carlos Copa, Juan Manuel Benitez, Leo Rezende, Ezequiel Suares Greck, Alejo Oses, Melissa Schallibaum, Belen Bargas
RIG Apolo Osorino
AR VFX Andres Chouhy
CONCEPT ART Alejandro Barbesi, Ignacio Valicenti, Fernanda Bermejo, Ignacio Rodriguez, Nicolas Zuriaga, Joaquin Herrera
LIGHTING Camila Marturano
KEY CAST Q Department
STORYBOARD Martin Cocchi
POSTER LAYOUT Flavio Greco Paglia
GRAPHIC DESIGN Leandro Chaman, Jacomy Mayne Studio
CAST Mary Chieffo, Kaylon Hunt, Justin Lawrence Barnes, Evangeline Neuhart, Madi Goff
SKETCHES DESIGN Ignacio Valicenti

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Josh Nelson Youssef

Josh Nelson Youssef

Josh Nelson Youssef is a Swedish-Egyptian-American transdisciplinary artist, musician and spatial storyteller leveraging emerging tech to tell untold stories & empower historically marginalized voices. Josh is the Head of Immersive & Interactive at Viola Davis & Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions where he produced Operation Othello with Oculus, and The March with TIME magazine. Definitely not a cyborg.

Mary Chieffo

Mary Chieffo

Mary Chieffo is a queer actor/creator known internationally as the Klingon Chancellor L’Rell on Star Trek: Discovery. Mary produced, wrote & starred as Iago in Operation Othello alongside Viola Davis & Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions. Chieffo graduated from Juilliard in 2015, receiving the Elizabeth Smith Voice & Speech Prize & the Saint-Denis Prize for “Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Drama.”