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Quills Fest VR World

Quills Fest VR World is an ever-evolving playground and exhibition space for Quills Fest projects current and in the future.

Queerskins: ARK

Reading a diary left by the estranged son, a Catholic mother (Hadley Boyd) finds a way to transcend herself and her grief by imagining him alive and in love.

The Cymbeline Project

The Cymbeline Project, a 10-episode digital series, interweaves theatrical performance captured from performers’ homes across the country with striking digitally rendered visual layers, creating a hybrid form of collage—part theatre and part film—that resonates with our complex contemporary experience of media.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a microsite featuring a video exploration directed by Nicholas Savignano, of the first song from Daniel Alexander Jones and Josh Quat’s forthcoming album ALTAR NO. 12: AQUARIUS. The song explores a person’s crisis of belief and a revelatory, mystical encounter.

ATEN is a transdisciplinary exploration of the Solar System rooted in performance artist Daniel Alexander Jones’s longstanding practice of altar building. Led by Jones’s performance “altar-ego” Jomama Jones, ATEN takes the form of a digital archive including music, videos, text, conversations, and provocations/invitations for visitors to engage the ideas raised and extend them.


LOOM is a VR opera that ruminates on the emotional and political charge of polyphony and ethnic identities. The project grew out of the artists’ time recording soundscapes, filming, and studying with elder song masters in the villages of the Kam people, an ethnic minority group in the southwest of China with a rich orally transmitted polyphonic singing tradition that has undergone drastic displacement and reconstruction in recent decades.


In China, internet gaming is described as “electronic heroin” and many parents of suspected internet addicts send them to re-education camps. One of them was the director of this VR experience that places you at the center of his haunting experiences.


Anakwad is a shapeshifter bear ritual from the indigiqueer perspective. Bear medicine is a powerful intentional energy of transformation as part of the human experience and encourages healing through reconnecting to the earth and one’s own nature.


Nao Bustamante prototypes a new vision for feminist autonomy in her project BLOOM, an ongoing cross-disciplinary investigation centered around the design of the vaginal speculum and its use in the history of the pelvic examination.